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3 top reasons people don't request flexible working

Posted by Emma Clare

13/01/15 13:00

Carval_HR_Unity_app-1Less than a quarter (23%) of workers have requested flexible working so far despite more than half (54%) being aware of the government’s right to request legislation that came into force on 30 June 2014, a study by O2 Business has found.

The main reaons that employees cited for not taking up their right to work flexibly were:

  • A lack of trust (chosen by 31% of those polled)

  • A business culture that doesn’t encourage working away from the office (28%) and

  • A lack of technology to facilitate it (20%).

The firm surveyed 2,000 UK workers and the findings show that employer reluctance to embrace the legislation is set to continue, with only 12% of workers believing their organisation would support flexible working in 2015.

That's a terrible shame because enabling employees to work flexibly has many proven business benefits (Read: 6 reasons why flexible working is great for your business).

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