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5 tips for using self-service HR software for employee engagement

Posted by Emma Clare

23/05/14 08:55

Opportunities to improve employee engagement start with the recruitment process - or even before - and continue throughout the employee lifecycle. The good news is that technology can really help you get that buy-in from your people.

Read on for 5 top tips for using your HR software to improve employee engagement...


1) Communicate company goals and ensure individuals know how they can contribute to them

HR systems enable you to send tailored communications to employees or groups of employees really easily so are a great way of keeping people in the loop. This could be via email, texts, or 

The performance management or appraisal process is another great time to share plans, and for people to understand how corporate goals translate to their own and those of their colleagues.employee self-service delivered via the web or mobile apps. Share plans, new developments, business wins and highlight peoples’ efforts.

HR portals enable employees to be actively involved in monitoring their own performance and personal development: people can review their goals online and monitor their progress against meeting them, including recording professional development or CPD activities. This ensures performance management is an ongoing process that actively benefits the business not a tick box exercise reserved to once a year.

2) Show you value their opinion with regular surveys

Being asked what you think about something and feeling that your opinion is valued makes you feel part of the team.

Some HR software enables employees to give feedback on proposed changes within the company using questionnaires delivered by a Self Service Portal. This might take the form of a workflow process which sends generic or specific feedback forms to the employee that ask questions about how the organisation is performing. These forms can be time driven and aimed at defined groups which can be reported on globally using an in-built report writer.

3) Remind them how much they’re worth

While most people can tell you what their salary is, they may not be able to draw to mind the full value of their remuneration package quite so easily. A good employee self-service portal gives staff access to their remuneration and reward statement and enabling people to see their contracted package easily helps in retention.

4) Invest in ongoing professional development activities

As a business you will undoubtedly look to recruit people that have the right skills to do a job, but continuing to invest in ongoing training benefits both the employee and the business.

Sometimes new challenges mean the skills requirements for a role change, or performance issues highlight a need for additional training. But often employees that have been with your business for a while can simply feel that they are starting to stagnate. Developing new skills to enable these members of staff to grow their existing role or move along a career path will keep them engaged and aid in retention.

Putting employees in control of their training and development programme has great value – both in terms of engagement and also reduction in HR administration. HR self-service allows an employee to view and contribute to their personnel record by recording and monitoring Continuous Professional Development activities, updating skills, and requesting training to improve performance via an integrated training module.

5) Encourage career progression

With a great set of training and new skills under their belt, the last thing you would want to risk is an employee heading off to pastures new. Self-service portals can be used to highlight career development opportunities within your business or group. If you use HR software with integrated recruitment software it will be straightforward to post vacancies within the business in order to attract internal candidates on-line which in turn allows the employee to move forward within the company.

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