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5 Workplace Predictions for 2017

Posted by Ann-Christie Marstaller

05/01/17 12:01

Original post by HR Grapevine

Attracting new talent in the New Year will be a challenge for businesses, as employees demand more flexibility at work, and are not afraid to tell the truth about their employer.

Chief Executive at WorkAdvisor, Philip Price, has made his top five predictions on how our working lives will change in 2017.carval-hr-software-5-workplace-predictions-for-2017.jpg

1. New talent will be harder to come by than ever

UK unemployment has hit its lowest level in 11 years, at 4.8% and there’s a shortage of people for many significant roles and companies are finding it harder to attract talented new people. Price predicts that 2017 will see companies trying harder to keep their staff members.

That means that staff feedback will be crucial in ensuring that employees are happy, and that changes can be made.

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2. Everyone will be more vocal

The race to find the best and most talented employees mean companies will have to showcase their employer brand. With an increasing number of employees speaking up about both the strengths and weaknesses of the business, Price warns employers to take criticism on board. “We’re seeing a rising number of reviews on our site, but it’s not all about people having a moan,” he says.

“Over 60% of the reviews are positive and when there is criticism, the vast majority of it is constructive. Employees have got something to say and they want to be taken seriously.”

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3. Employees will insist on greater flexibility

Technology allows many workers the ability to get things done from anywhere, and with the constant delays and strikes, commuting has become a stressful and miserable experience for many of us. Over the course of 2017, Price believes that more and more people will be requesting to work from home some of the time, and that companies must take this on board to keep their staff happy.

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4. Millennials will drive companies to success

Research highlighted in the Training Journal stated that 83% of millennials disagree that people should spend years in a role before expecting a promotion regardless of status and performance. They are driven and don’t want to wait for what they’re working towards. Price comments: “Employers will need to ensure that their workers have a clear career path and feel valued if they want to hold on to them."

5. A comeback for the work/life balance

Since technology has evolved, it has become increasingly common for people to check their work emails late at night and run work errands over the weekend. While this is not likely to change, there will be more of a balance when it comes to leaving work at work in 2017.

“Years ago, some companies experimented with a ‘no email day’. That didn’t really work because emails are such an integral part of our working lives that it wasn’t really practical.  But responsible employers are becoming concerned that we haven’t got the balance right and that it’s contributing to staff sickness and stress.  In France, the government has even introduced legislation giving workers the right to disconnect from work emails outside office hours,” Price concludes.

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