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How to send scheduled reports with your Carval HR software or Payroll software

Posted by Emma Clare

09/04/14 11:48

Many of Carval's HR Unity software users will need to submit Human Resources or Payroll related reports to someone on a regular basis. Carval's easy-to-use Report Scheduler can automate this process for you.

The Report Scheduler will run reports automatically and then either send them to specified people via email, or save a copy for printing. It is available in the following Carval HR Unity modules: Unistaff (HR software), Uniwage (payroll software) and Unitend (time and attendance software).

How to set-up scheduled reports

1) Go to the Reports menu in whichever HR Unity module you are in:


2) Choose "Report Scheduler":


3) Click "Add New" and the "Scheduled Report Wizard" will open:


4) Click "Next" and on the next screen press “Browse” to select the report you would like to schedule:


5) Choose the report by double clicking on the name, and then click "Next".

Select the Company you would like to run the report for - you can run this for more than one company if you wish. Then click "Next".

On the next screen you can choose the parameters for your report: a date search for example.

6) Now you can select which output method you would like to use.

If you choose to email the report, the attachment will be in PDF Format:


To save a copy of the report instead of emailing, choose “File” and select a location for the file to be saved in:


7) The final stage of the setup is to choose when the report is to be run.

You can select “Once", "Hourly", "Daily", "Monthly" or "Annually” - and at any time of the day:


8) Press "finish" and the report will now show in your list of scheduled reports:


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