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Learn how to write HR & Payroll Software reports like a pro

Posted by Emma Clare

09/04/14 11:44

Would you like to be a whiz at writing reports with your Carval HR software or Payroll software?

Carval's HR Unity software has some great tools to make reporting accessible whatever your technical confidence level. Features include a huge suite of standard reports, a drag and drop query tool, a custom report writing wizard and report scheduler.

If you'd like to really get the most from our flexible HR and Payroll custom reporting features - which enable you to interrogate any field across your HR software, payroll software and time and attendance software, (subject to security permissions) - we'd recommend attending our popular one day Report Builder workshop.

Run regularly at our training centre near Milton Keynes, the one-day Report Builder workshop will teach you everything you need to know to become a reporting guru with your HR and Payroll software. Here's what the course covers:

  • Getting Started: Tables and fields, permissions, path settings, security
  • Query Stage: Accessing Report Builder, deciding on data for report, building query
  • Report Stage: Basics on displaying data in report
  • Report Design (1): Bands, toolbars, menu options, labels
  • Report Design (2): Adding existing fields and new fields, additional formatting, sorting
  • Data Selection: Introducing selection/search criteria to your report, copying a report
  • Report Design (3): Grouping, ‘Print to File’ Settings, Simple Calculations, Variables, Company Logo
  • Table Linking: Building reports using more than one table
  • Mail Merge Templates: Using Report Builder to create mail merge templates

The course costs just £350 per person. For dates and booking please contact our training team.


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