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How to Download HMRC Messages into Uniwage Payroll Software

Posted by Emma Clare

09/12/15 15:25

Did you know that your Uniwage Payroll Software includes the functionality to download messages direct from the HMRC website? Here's how...


The user should select Get HMRC Messages (DPS) from within Uniwage's Utilities Menu.


Having entered or selected their Gateway ID and tax reference and then clicked the Connect button, the screen will update showing the number of items to retrieve against each message type. 

The user can then select each type separately and click the Retrieve button. This will download relevant messages from the Revenue.

Users can then select each set of messages and click the Open button - this will display the detail of the message. From here they can read the messages and print them out if required.

Then they would click the Process button which will push the instructions through to a holding area in the relevant Pay Groups. When complete, click the Disconnect button. 

The Period End and the Year End processes will automatically apply any updates based upon the effective date provided by HMRC. For example, a P6 notice of tax code change might take place as of the next pay date, so the period end will apply it. A P9 is a notice of tax code change for the next tax year, therefore this will be applied by the Year End process.

However there is also the option to perform the updates manually; simply open each Pay Group in turn and, under the Processing menu item, click Update Payroll from HMRC Forms; this will then update the relevant employees with the changes retrieved above. 

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