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Client payroll: How to make auto-enrolment a success for your bureau

Posted by Emma Clare

30/04/15 12:26

Until recently auto enrolment only affected the largest employers in the UK. However over the next year or so the small businesses that make-up the bulk of employers in the UK will be reaching their pensions auto-enrolment staging dates. 

Around 45,000 employers are due to stage in 2015 and over one million in 2016 and 2017. Many of these will outsource their payroll to bureaus and accountants. So if your payroll business involves supporting small or medium-sized employers, it's likely you'll be asked for help. Now's the time to get ready, especially if you haven't had much to do with auto enrolment so far.

Our webinar, run in conjunction with Payroll World, draws on Carval's experience as both a client payroll bureau and a payroll bureau software provider and covers some key points that will help you make auto-enrolment a success for your clients, including:

  • Questions you need to ask your clients
  • The data requirements of different pensions providers
  • Dealing with third parties
  • Tips on payroll bureau software
  • Lessons we've learnt






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