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How to stop your best employee leaving

Posted by Ann-Christie Marstaller

08/03/17 14:48

Original post by HR Grapvine Magazine 


Employees who don't feel recognised are twice as likely to leave their organisation compared with those who do feel valued- that's according to a recent survey by IBM. 

In a fast-moving marketplace recognising employees for a job well done and rewarding them regularly is vital.

One person who seems to understand this more than most is Adam, Whatling, Head of Engagement and Development at Love2shop Business Services. Below, he offers up five ultimate tips on how to stop star employees from jumping ship in 2017: 

Define your organisational goals

"Recognition platforms can help to reinforce corporate values but only if these values are clearly defined, stated, and communicated to the workforce in the first place. Then a centralised system can create [...] actions that demonstrably align with corporate visions and values."

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Ensure rewards and recognition is inclusive of all staff in all types of rules 

"Tactical rewards and recognition targeted at encouraging particular behaviours among employees who are only with the organisation for a short time need to be particularly frequent and clearly communicated. Take care not to become reliant in electronic forms of recognition alone- sometimes face-to-face recognition can be a very effective way of rewarding employees for their efforts."

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Reward behaviours that contribute to organisational success 

"It is easy to slip into a pattern of only rewarding high profile extroverts; consider also identifying and rewarding dependable introverts who simply work hard to get the job done. Their contribution to the success of the organisation may well be underestimated - until they leave."

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Share success and be prepared to adapt continuously 

"Share stories where people have been rewarded for behaviour contributing to the success of the organisation. Identifying what is working and what isn't, and continual adaption, is key if rewards and recognition are to be effective."

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