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HR software: 10 things your employees can do with HR mobile apps

Posted by Emma Clare

20/05/15 12:24

Manager and Employee Self Service HR software forms a standard part of most HRMS implementations today. It offers a simple and cost-effective way to engage with your employees and reduce the administrative burden on your HR team. But some organisations with a highly mobile or non-desk based workforce worry it's not for them. Step forward the HR mobile app.

HR mobile apps deliver the most popular features of Employee Self-Service HR software directly to your people‚Äôs mobile devices. It not only enables you to devolve responsibility for key tasks to employees and managers, but also to provide them with instant and secure access to tailored information 24 hours a day from any device with internet access.


The benefits of mobile HR apps to your business:

  • drastically reduce the administrative burden on your HR and Payroll departments by devolving responsibility for key tasks to employees and managers;
  • improve employee engagement by providing personnel with instant access to tailored information as they need it;
  • reduce or even eliminate the HR paper trail;
  • improve data accuracy and policy adherence.

Things that employees and managers can do with a mobile HR app:

  1. Request an absence
  2. View their absence history
  3. Check their holiday, time off in lieu (TOIL) and flexitime balances
  4. View the date of their next appraisal
  5. View their inbox
  6. Clock in and out and view Time and Attendance clockings
  7. View upcoming and historical Rosters
  8. Managers can approve and reject absence requests made by the team
  9. View upcoming and historical absences for the team
  10. View team member contact details, and contact them (via phone or text) from within the app

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