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HR Tips: The Top 10 Reasons Employees Resign

Posted by Emma Clare

26/01/16 14:58

January is the month when 18% of employees in the UK start thinking about looking for a new job.

According to a new survey by Glassdoor a third of UK workers quit their jobs for the same reason. Read on for the top 10 reasons employees resign...

1) Low salary (35%)


The research revealed that the most popular reason for employees to start looking for a new job is that they want a higher salary. 35% of the 1,139 UK employees surveyed cited wanting more money by the end of the month as their main reason to resign.

Interestingly, the workers looking to for a bigger pay package were not the people with a plethora of experience, but employees in the beginning of their careers. 44% of the surveyed UK employees between 16 and 24-year olds said a low salary was their main reason for contemplating handing in a letter of resignation.

Receiving a higher salary seemingly becomes less important the older the workers are. Only 28% of the surveyed employees over the age of 55 cited a low salary as the main reason for quitting their current jobs.

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2) Been there a long time and needed a change (23%)


The second most common factor for employees resigning was that they felt that they had been with their current employer for too long. 23% stated it as the main reason for leaving.

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3) The work was boring (22%)


The third most common reason for quitting a current job was that employees simply found their current work boring. 22% stated that as the main reason for quitting their jobs.

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4) The job location/the length of the commute (20%)


20% said that they didn’t like the location of their jobs.

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5) Didn’t like their boss (18%)


18% said that they didn’t approve of their boss.

6) Didn’t like the culture (14%)


14% said that they wanted to leave their current employer because they didn’t like the company culture. 

7) Poor benefits (13%)


8) Wasn’t confident that the company was heading in the right direction (11%)


9) Didn’t get on with colleagues (9%) 


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