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Payroll legislation update

Posted by Ann-Christie Marstaller

03/01/17 15:36

The Carval National User Conference 2016 included an informative payroll legislation update presentation by Beverley Smith ACIPP, Policy & Advisory Officer, The CIPP.

The session was very popular with Carval's payroll software users therefore we thought we'd share it with a wider audience. The topics covered included:

  • RTI late filing penalties
  • National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage
  • Student loans
  • Making Tax Digital
  • Simplifying expenses and benefits
  • Apprenticeship levy
  • Gender Pay Gap reporting
  • Holiday pay and leave
  • Termination payments
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Automatic re-enrolment
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14 Useful Resources for UK Payroll

Posted by Emma Clare

04/03/16 15:56

This rather handy list first appeared on The Learning Centre

Any users of our Payroll Software that are interested in ways of keeping things straight with HMRC will find it of interest.

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HR Tips: National Minimum Wage compliance information for employers

Posted by Emma Clare

04/02/16 13:30

HMRC have produced some useful information in the form of a factsheet advising employers of the checks they undertake to ensure that an individual is being paid at least the National Minimum Wage (NMW).

Below is a synopsis including:

  • What happens in a compliance visit
  • What happens after the visit
  • The penalties that may apply and
  • Their ‘naming and shaming’ policy

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How to Download HMRC Messages into Uniwage Payroll Software

Posted by Emma Clare

09/12/15 15:25

Did you know that your Uniwage Payroll Software includes the functionality to download messages direct from the HMRC website? Here's how...

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4 ways to use HR software to prevent pay decisions affecting productivity

Posted by Emma Clare

14/10/15 11:12

How pay decisions can affect your company’s productivity and four ways that your HR software can help you balance employee reward and motivation.

We often read today in the press that UK pay rises are now seemingly outpacing the falling levels of inflation and generally it’s reported that people are benefitting from increases in both earnings and income levels.  However, employee satisfaction surveys are indicating that despite these positive trends there is still a large number of employees who do not feel that they are rewarded enough. 

So why does there seem to be this discrepancy? From research and feedback in the HR world it seems that delivering and maintaining longer-term and sustainable financial wellbeing remains a challenge for many employers, employees and their families. 

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Making Tax Easier and the launch of HMRC's Digital strategy

Posted by Jason Sweby

08/09/15 09:45

Jason Sweby, payroll software provider Carval Computing Limited's Technical Director, reports on HMRC's first major Software Developer Conference, held on Monday 7th September 2015 at The Royal Society, London.

HMRC have held seminars, consultancies and workshops with tax software developers for many years, but this was the first major Software Developer Conference aimed at bringing everyone together to help shape the next step in its Digital Strategy. 

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Client payroll: How to make auto-enrolment a success for your bureau

Posted by Emma Clare

30/04/15 12:26

Until recently auto enrolment only affected the largest employers in the UK. However over the next year or so the small businesses that make-up the bulk of employers in the UK will be reaching their pensions auto-enrolment staging dates. 

Around 45,000 employers are due to stage in 2015 and over one million in 2016 and 2017. Many of these will outsource their payroll to bureaus and accountants. So if your payroll business involves supporting small or medium-sized employers, it's likely you'll be asked for help. Now's the time to get ready, especially if you haven't had much to do with auto enrolment so far.

Our webinar, run in conjunction with Payroll World, draws on Carval's experience as both a client payroll bureau and a payroll bureau software provider and covers some key points that will help you make auto-enrolment a success for your clients, including:

  • Questions you need to ask your clients
  • The data requirements of different pensions providers
  • Dealing with third parties
  • Tips on payroll bureau software
  • Lessons we've learnt
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Why business continuity should include the option to outsource payroll

Posted by Emma Clare

08/08/14 15:02

A part of every company's business continuity should include a plan B for running payroll in an emergency.

Payroll is without doubt a business critical activity - unpaid or incorrectly paid staff and legislative non-compliance are not something most business owners would want to contemplate. Processing payroll in-house using payroll software offers businesses a great deal of flexibility, but it does rely on the availability of skilled staff to do it. The reality is that a combination of holidays and unexpected sickness could leave you unable to pay your employees. Therefore it is of paramount importance that you consider what you would do in the event of an emergency.
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How to send scheduled reports with your Carval HR software or Payroll software

Posted by Emma Clare

09/04/14 11:48

Many of Carval's HR Unity software users will need to submit Human Resources or Payroll related reports to someone on a regular basis. Carval's easy-to-use Report Scheduler can automate this process for you.

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How to get employees to submit timesheets on time

Posted by Emma Clare

18/03/14 14:15

If you’re in an environment where employees work different hours each pay period, perhaps at different rates, then timesheets will undoubtedly be a pain with which your payroll team is very familiar!

Getting employees and managers to submit approved information in a timely fashion is enough to make you want to tear your hair out and that’s before you’ve even started reconciling all that data and keying it into your payroll system! Carval has four great tips to help you!

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